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Details for this Tuesday: http://utahskimo.org/2014/01/wasatch-citizen-series-skimo-race-6-28-jan/

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Wasatch Citizen Series Skimo Race at Wolf Mountain

The first Citizen Series race at Wolf Mountain is Tuesday (14 January) at 7PM.  Come up to Wolf Mountain and check out the skimo race scene and continue to support the growth of skimo racing in the Wasatch.

As always, a helmet and headlamp are required.

Please arrive early and be ready to race at 7PM.

Award and libations will follow at a location to be announced at the start of the race.

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Wasatch Citizen Skimo Series Race #4 Recap

We have posted the recap and photos of Tuesday’s race on the Utah Ski Mountaineering web site - http://utahskimo.org/2014/01/wasatch-citizen-skimo-series-race-4-recap/



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Happy New Year.  The Citizen Series continues on Tuesday, January 7.  Please part by the church at Brighton.  Make sure you sign the weekly sign-in sheet.  We will then all leave the base of Great Western together.

So that the night doesn’t get too late, please arrive early as we will be starting the race at 7PM.

As always, a helmet and headlamp are required.  For This week’s race, if you are on race gear, a pack will also be required.

See you all tomorrow.

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Wasatch Skimo Citizen Series #3 Recap

December 17 was the third iteration of this winter’s Wasatch Skimo Citizen Series. I didn’t get a full headcount, but the list of members is over 100 people now and I’m pretty confident most of them showed up last night–it was incredible! We’ve had alot of people sign up at utahskimo.org and coming out to the races.

The beautiful thing about these races is the range of equipment used–From lycra suits, carbon boots and twig skis to splitboards and powder rigs. Regardless of gear, the races are a chance to be introduced to skimo racing and a good excuse to go ski with friends on a Tuesday night. I’d take skiing intervals over intervals of eating chips while watching the Kardashians anytime.

I was in charge of setting the course last night and it gave me a lot of respect for that task–It takes a while and you have to schlep all the flags up and down the course, setup, tear down, etc. It takes much longer than you’d think and it made me appreciate the effort that goes into this each race.

Several sponsors have been supporting the series with raffle prizes from Voile, Black Diamond, skimo.co, Gear:30, La Sportiva, Camp, Gnarly Nutrition, Kate’s Bars, backcountry.com among others.

The race division raced a course of 3 laps, with others completing two laps. Each lap consisted of two ~400 foot climbs and two ski descents. The suits finished in around 45 minutes with everyone else finishing in 60-70 minutes of racing before heading over to Molly’s.

Tom off the front right from the get go.


The crowd descended on Molly Green’s after for raffle prizes and food.


The proginator of many Wasatch skimo racers, Joey Dempster.

Transitions make or break it in the suits race. ~60 seconds for an uphill transition and ~30 seconds for a downhill transition.


The viking.


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Over the next several weeks, we will be transitioning the content of the Citizen Series site over to the new Utahskimo.org site.  Please go to that site to sign up for the notifications for races and new content.

In the mean time, the recap from Tuesday’s race and photos has been posted at the site at http://utahskimo.org/2013/12/wasatch-skimo-citizen-series-3-recap/




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Citizen SkiMo Series Race #3 12/17/2013

Hi everyone! This email is a friendly reminder about the race tomorrow. The race will start tomorrow at 7pm. We will be under the Great Western lift tomorrow evening. If you know anyone that is coming for the first time, encourage them to go to utahskimo.org, print and sign the waiver and bring it with them to help our registration process. And to show up by 6:45 so we can get them squared away.

We need to have everyone sign in so we know who is there. We’ll have a clipboard by the race start with a paper to print and sign your name. As always, a helmet and head lamp are mandatory gear.

There are several great giveaways tomorrow, so stick around after the race at Molly Green’s.

A couple housekeeping items:

1)Skinning and skiing at Brighton is a luxury, not a right–they are awesome to let us recreate there when the snowpack is thin and dangerous everywhere else. Brighton could tell us to leave at anytime, so with than in mind, let’s please adhere to their uphill policy:


The map is pretty self-explanatory but note that we cannot skin up “Scout” nor ski down “Thor” and “Scout” before they open. They’d like to keep the fresh corduroy for their paying customers. If you want to skin & ski there before 9am, You can do it on the Milly side up to the dam or under Great Western lift. If Ski Patrol asks you to not skin/ski somewhere, please listen to them, they have the final say–don’t ruin the arrangement for everyone else! If it has snowed overnight, please check in with Patrol before you go anywhere. They could be doing avy control and we don’t want to be in their way. The patrol shack is about 100 yards up the hill from Molly’s.

2) Park by the church just north of the Milly Chalet. Don’t park in front of the Chalet or in their general parking area. Brighton would like to save the best parking for paying customers.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to email or ask about it tomorrow after the race while we’re at Molly’s where Andy or Jason can give a more detailed explanation.

See you Tuesday!

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Race #2 Recap – The Wet Cold & Tradition Continues

For last year’s first Tuesday night race we were treated to rain creating a layer in our snow that plagued us for a long time. This year we were treated to cold temperatures and ~18″ of fresh snow on top of our thin and highly faceted snow pack.

We had another great turnout with 60-65 people braving the poor road conditions and eventually arriving at Brighton.  Thank you everyone who showed up.  We apologize for the late start.  Between road conditions and tough conditions of putting in the course we just couldn’t get things ready by 7. It was great to see a few new faces as well as some costumes out there (I’ll get costume photos next time).

We had a great course with good skiing conditions.  Thanks to Eric, Nick, Jeremy, Gemma, and Chad for the hard work of breaking trail and setting the course.

Eric & Nick - Course Marshalls

Eric & Nick – Course Marshalls

The lycra division did 3 partial laps on Milly and the sane division did 2.  Tom  barely kept ahead of Jason for the Men’s Lycra win.  Gemma continues her reign as top Wasatch Female.  The Sane Division was lead by Andy Paradis and Emily Sullivan.  It’s time for both of them to done some Lycra. 

Brent & Tim transitioning for lap 3

Brent & Tim transitioning for lap 3

Noah sporting Spandex and fat skis

Noah sporting Spandex and fat skis

Sara showing her speed with her new Alien/WSP setup

Sara showing her speed with her new Alien/WSP setup

Lap 2 for Jeremy & ?

Lap 2 for Jeremy & ?

MollyGreen’s had planned to stay open for us, but that also go foiled by the weather.  Not to miss out on the post-race social aspect, about 25 racers gathered at Porcupine after the race for awards, raffle, food, and drinks.  The Porcupine staff was thrilled to have us and invited us back anytime (despite the 5 gallons of snow melt that we drug in with us).

Andy and Emily taking home the pie

Andy and Emily taking home the pie

Jason & Eric giving away prizes

Jason & Eric giving away prizes

Here is a full gallery of photos from the race.

The next race is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17 at 7PM.  We will post race details 1-2 days prior to the race.

For future races, please keep the following in mind

  • Park in 1 or 2 rows by the church.  Please do not part east of the propane tank/trees at the corner of Milly Chalet
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early so that you can get signed in. You do not need a waiver each week, you just need to sign the nightly sign-in sheet.  We want to start at 7 so that we can be done by 8 and all go to Molly Green’s to socialize.
  • Please try to carpool as much as possible.


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Wasatch Citizen Series Race #2 – Tuesday, Dec 3, 7PM

Tuesday (12/3) evening will continue the Citizen SkiMo Series at Brighton with race 2 at 7pm. We will be racing over on the Milly side to mix things up. Please meet at the base of Milly lift and be ready to ski by 6:45pm.  Similar to Thursday, we will all then skin up to the start together. Race will start at 7pm.

Remember that a headlamp and helmet are mandatory

Bring a friend and come on up for some fun in the dark. Molly greens will be staying open late (special just for the skimo racers) so plan on staying for some great  prizes and food.

The races are getting larger and larger so please try to carpool up to Brighton and make sure to park by the church on the Milly side, not in front of the Milly Chalet.

Everyone is invited regardless of gear, fitness, or skill level.  Every race we have a wide variety of gear from full carbon to full iron.

We will also be accepting new Utah Ski Mountaineering memberships to help support the Citizen Series races.  We have so far raised enough to cover ~70% of our race expenses so thank you to everyone who has joined.  With the dark, cold, and snowy conditions planned for Tuesday night, we would prefer if people sign up for membership online before the race at the UtahSkiMo.orgwebsite or at the awards at Molly Green’s after the race.  Any people that are new to the Citizen Series this race, please print and bring the signed waiver to the race.  Having these items done ahead of time will help us get everybody signed in faster, protect our liability, and get you up the hill to warm up for the race.  Everybody attending a race needs to sign the two page waiver once for the season and then sign in on the rosters for every race so we know who is accounted for.

See everyone Tuesday evening!!!


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Skin the Turkey Video

You all saw the guy with the video camera.  His name is Kyle Walcott and he’s pretty talented.  Check out his brief cut from the race:

Wasatch Citizen Series from Kyle Walcott on Vimeo.

More to come…

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